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The largest and most popular shopping malls in Almaty

29 November 2023

Where in Almaty in one place you can go shopping, have a snack, go to the cinema and, perhaps, take a break from the children, leaving them at the shopping center while shopping? Of course, in shopping and entertainment centers (shopping malls). After all, no trip is complete without shopping and getting to know different types of cuisines. So, we introduce you to the best shopping malls of the southern metropolis.

Esentai Mall

One of the luxury malls in Central Asia. Esentai Mall has a special atmosphere, because such world brands as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Moncler are exclusively represented here, there is a three-level Saks Fifth Avenue store. The Ritz-Carlton Almaty Hotel, Esentai Tower business Center, fitness club and spa are located in the same building. The mall is not only shopping, there are also children’s entertainment areas, more than a dozen places where you can have a snack, as well as 11 cinema halls.

“Esentai Mall is my favorite place in Almaty. There is a very welcoming atmosphere here, which I want to return to. I can spend the whole day there,” the satisfied visitors of the mall share.

Dostyk Plaza

One of the youngest shopping malls in the city. Ideal location in the center, proximity to attractions – the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic Square and terrenkur, famous brands for shopping, cinemas, a food court, children’s entertainment centers.

“The location and combination of many useful shops – books, food, clothing, electronics, food court and entertainment – all in one place! Pleasant and friendly atmosphere, cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere,” Dostyk Plaza buyers write in their reviews.

Mega Alma-Ata

One of the oldest shopping malls in the city is rich in art objects, including an 18-meter sculpture-fountain “Scales of Time”, a 12-meter “Tree of Desires”, a lamp “Sun”, the world-famous ceramic panel “Women with a parrot” by French artist Fernand Leger. Buyers here will be pleased with the brands ZARA, H&M, New Yorker, Armani Exchange, Marc O’Polo and other world-famous. And for young visitors and their parents, there is an entertainment complex TeikaBOOM. The food court is diverse, there are cinemas and even a 60-meter Ferris wheel.

“A huge shopping mall, much bigger than an ordinary shopping mall. Very well designed and very clean. There are all the shops you need here.”

Mega Park

The name of the shopping center speaks for itself – about 700 trees and shrubs have been planted here. And all this is among the world-famous brands, cafes and restaurants, cinemas and entertainment centers for children.

“There are many boutiques of recognizable brands. A supermarket with a wide variety of products. Excellent food court, providing cuisines of different countries and peoples. Clean, cozy and interesting.”

The information is taken from the website Tengritravel.kz

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