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Сайт находится на модернизации
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Cost without Nur-Sultan PASS:
1800 тг. 2000 тг.
1800 тг. 2000 тг.
пр. Достык, 104Б, ул. Омаровой 41
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(РУС) Для прохода в Объект или Экскурсию Вам необходимо:
1. Подойдите к кассе.
2. Предъявите оператору или контроллеру пластиковую карту CityPASS, или виртуальный CityPASS с QR-кодом, в распечатанном виде либо на смартфоне


To climb the mountain “Kok-Tobe” in the most exciting and unusual way is to become a passenger of a unique cable car connecting the city center of Almaty and Kok-Tobe.

The starting point is the station, which is located on Dostyk Avenue (Abay Ave.). The length of the cable car is 1,727 meters, the journey time is 6 minutes, during which you can observe the life of the city from above – right below you are green gardens, private houses, and behind them stretch the endless city skyscrapers. Gradually, a new face of the city will open up in front of you, and this is really an unforgettable experience. The maximum height of the cable car above the ground is 80 meters, the speed of movement is 6.2 meters per second, the height difference between the upper and lower stations is 250 meters.

The upper station is located on the territory of Kok-Tobe Park, which is a kind of “gateway” to the realm of crystal clear air, hospitality and inexhaustible delight. The cable car was put into operation on November 4, 1967. Currently, after the reconstruction, it meets all international quality and safety standards. We wish you a pleasant stay!

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  • Пн., Ср., Чт., Вс
    с 11:00 до 21:00
  • Вт
    с 13:00 до 21:00
  • Пт., Сб. и праздничные дни
    с 11:00 до 22:00
How to get there?
  • № 95, 99.
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