Театр аниматрониксов «Джунгли»

15 September 2017


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Tickets to the animatronics “Jungle”

Price without discount Adult:

The idea of creating a unique park of dinosaurs belonged to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev. The opening of the dinopark took place on July 6, 2008 – on the Day of Astana, on this festive day the “Jungle” opened its doors for the first time.
The park of dinosaurs in Astana became a unique project, which has no analogues in the CIS. It surprisingly combines theatrical performances and fascinating journey through the bowels of the jungle with robotic dinosaurs and riding on water slides.
Robots-animatronics for the dinopark were developed and created in Kazakhstan, the domestic company “Kazakhstan Salute”, the main designer of the machines was Vadim Gostev. This fact gives an even greater uniqueness to the attraction, for the first time animatronics were created on the territory of the Republic.
The animatronics park “Jungle” invites you to dive into the atmosphere of impassable jungle and walk among the great prehistoric animals. Dinopark in Astana has become the largest project of the Republic, recreating all the beauty and mystery of jungle. Exciting adventures in the lost world that you could watch in Hollywood movies are now available absolutely to everyone. The mysterious world of the jungle will enchant and fascinate you from the first minutes. Experienced guides and animators will conduct for you a fun, interesting and informative excursion to the mysterious park of dinosaurs, with its prehistoric inhabitants, along the way telling stories that have come to us since ancient times.
Dinosaurs, tricerapters, tyrannosaurs, primitive tribes – the whole atmosphere of the dinopark is imbued with the exhilarating spirit of the jungle, immersed in which you will forget about everything in the world, and believe that the presented reality is valid.
Located in the building of the shopping center “Ailand”, the dinopark occupies more than 3000 m2 of the area, which is densely populated by various inhabitants of the flora and fauna of the wild jungle.
At the entrance to the theater animatronics you will be met by a huge stone face of an ancient deity who will come to life on Your eyes and, fascinating with your magical gaze, will lead you into the thickets of the jungle. After passing into the formed gap, you will find yourself in the present cave. Here you will be met by a huge spider with a lot of giant and shaggy paws that will not miss the opportunity to scare you, there are already a lot of small spiders around it, they are just about to crawl to you. Going further, you will stumble upon two huge 5-meter crocodiles waiting for their prey on the river bank. Passing on the bridge You will stumble upon giant frogs and mythical Gorgoniya, funny dancing to incendiary music.
A narrow passage opens to you a new cave, where out of the darkness the eye snatches the glitter of the eyes of the Cretaceous king – Tyrannosaurus, a huge monster, with a height of over 3.5 meters, is consecrated by flashes of lightning. Unforgettable impressions will left by meeting with giant figures of Gorilla and Triceratops. Having risen on the bridge you can from a height to observe the life of Pterodactyl and Diplodocus. A special attention of tourists is attracted by a cave of stalactites, stalagmites and precious stones. And under the arches of the cave, thousands of bats have already lain. You will pass along the shaky and rumbling bridge that hangs over the crater of the volcano. All your way is accompanied by the singing of birds and the roar of invisible animals. At the end of the journey you will find yourself in the abandoned and mysterious city of the oldest civilizations, where on stage of the ancient amphitheater before you turn theatrical performances.
The theater of animatronics does not strike only children, but also adults. Coming here once, I would like to repeat the fascinating travel many more times!


Адрес: г. Астана, Кургальджинское шоссе, 2

Телефон: +7 (7172) 24-22-22, +7 (705) 250-11-11

Сайт: www.ailand.kz

(ҚАЗ) Жұмыс уақыты: 10:30-22:30

(ҚАЗ) Көлік, автобустар: 21, 32, 35, 44, 50, 103