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Choose more, pay less! We offer a discount from 5% to 30% depending on the number of objects in E-CityPASS. Add more objects to the guest card to increase the discount.

Complete and pay for the purchase, and then we will send E-CityPASS to You by e-mail.

Visit the selected objects presenting the E-CityPASS on your smartphone or in printed form. All objects you can visit only once and for 30 days.

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How to build your CityPASS?

  • 1. Select the attractions or excursions you would like to visit and add them to your CityPASS
  • 2. You can choose two or more objects to receive a discount of up to 30% of the ticket price. The size of the discount depends on the number of objects.
  • 3. Select the required number of adult and child tickets.
  • 4. Instantly get your virtual CityPASS and present it at the checkout facility on your smartphone or in printed form.
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  • 1. The amount of savings depends on how many objects You choose, guaranteed from 15% to 30%
  • 2. Visit all the attractions and get 30% discount, buy 6 or more get 25%, 4 or more with 20% discount, 2 or more objects with 15% discount.
How long can I visit CityPASS facilities?
  • You have 30 days to visit all the sights and excursions from the moment of their first visit. You can activate the CityPASS virtual card within a year from the date of purchase. Our refund guarantee provides a one-year refund of the full amount of the non-activated CityPASS.
What is the age limit for a child ticket?
  • In most cases, the age limit of a child ticket is from 6 to 12 years. Age restrictions may vary in some facilities. Please read the rules of visiting the object on the page of the object.
What are the return policies?
  • Our refund guarantee provides a one-year refund of the full amount of the non-activated CityPASS. Once CityPASS Is activated, there is no refund.
Can I visit the site more than once?
  • Unfortunately, no, You can visit each attraction on the CityPASS map only once.
Can I buy a CityPASS with only one ticket on the inside?
  • Yes! You can buy any ticket. But, to get a discount of 15% to 30% You need to choose two or more objects.
How to visit the sights and excursions with CityPASS?
  • After making a purchase you will receive a virtual CityPASS, which contains unique QR-codes. In most objects, You need to provide CityPASS to the cashier or controller. The cashier or controller will activate Your CityPASS and return it to You.
    Please read the individual terms and conditions on how to use “My CityPASS” on each object’s page.
Can I visit facilities without waiting in line?
  • Yes, you can! We have made every effort to ensure that You can visit the facilities as convenient as possible, but in some cases it is technically impossible. Read the section “How to use your CityPASS” on the page of each object.

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