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10 ideas about what to bring from Almaty to a tourist

29 November 2023

Almaty is annually recognized as the most popular tourist city in Kazakhstan. Stunning nature, cultural and historical sights, cozy streets and, of course, hospitable people. If you want to buy souvenirs that will reveal the character and remind you of Almaty at home, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our selection.

Photo: Depositphotos.com

Kazakh chocolate

The famous chocolate bar “Kazakhstan” from the confectionery factory “Rahat” is one of the most popular gifts from Almaty. This is not only a favorite product of foreigners, but also of Kazakhstanis themselves, who bring chocolate with them on any trip abroad. Buyers can buy not only a chocolate bar, but also sets in bright art boxes. There is also porous Almaty chocolate on sale with the image of the sights of the metropolis on the wrapper.

Photo: Depositphotos.com


The aport apple variety is a symbol of the southern metropolis. The aroma of the fruit will not leave anyone indifferent, and the juicy taste with sourness will be remembered for a long time. As farmers say, the fruits of the Almaty aport ripen closer to autumn and can be stored for more than two months. This means it’s time to buy apples.

Perfumes with the aroma of Almaty aport

Yes, yes, imagine, now there is such a perfume. It was created by a young scientist from Satpayev University Almaty Gulzhan Tuzelbaeva. Perfumes can be found in the shops of the city and in the Duty Free of Almaty airport.

Kazakh national sweets

Kurt, zhent, irimshik, tars will surprise any tourist. Now you can find both a chocolate-covered cake and a basil curt. And coffee from the container is already served in many establishments of the city. You can find national treats at the Green Bazaar and in specialty stores.

Souvenir and collectible coins

Coins with a stunning metal design are a memory for centuries. Products can be purchased at the branch of the National Bank on Panfilov Street or order delivery via the bank’s website.

Posters and postcards in Almaty style

A postcard with a Kok-Tobe or a poster with the image of the legendary hotel “Kazakhstan” will be a great gift from Almaty. Moreover, such souvenirs will not take up much space in your luggage.
Decorations in the national style

Handmade products with national patterns will please any girl. Moreover, in recent years, fashionistas have begun to style jewelry in the national style with modern clothes. What are only hair ornaments, such as sholpas (a pendant to a woman’s braid) or shashbau (a ribbon woven into a braid).

Clothes from Kazakhstani designers

A modern cape with national ornaments or a fashionable sweatshirt with the inscription Sen or Qazaq Republic will appeal to even the most demanding friend or relative. These products are sure to be a bright addition to your wardrobe.

Accessories with national identity

It can be a shopper, a thermos or stylized socks. Souvenirs with a bright visual will definitely be noticed by others, and this thing will warmly remind you of the trip.
Kazakh national dishes

Today, a wooden astau can be found even on a table in Bern, Switzerland. Such hand-carved products can rightfully be called a real work of art. If you prefer ceramics or porcelain, then you can always find cups, saucers with national ornaments.

The information is taken from the website Tengritravel.kz


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