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Best fishing spots in Zhetysu

30 April 2021

Fishing is one of the best ways to reboot after strenuous mental and physical labor. They say that fishermen are divided into two categories: one on the shore (or on the pier, in a boat or at the hole), the atmosphere is important, that is, silence, the beauty of nature around, in extreme cases – good company, well, fish is secondary. Others go for the catch, and the bigger the catch, the better, and if they didn’t catch anything, then there was no need to go.

The map of Almaty region is literally dotted with blue lines of rivers and drops of lakes. And, believe me, each of them is beautiful in its own way, which will satisfy the first category of fishermen. Where to go if you are interested not only in the scenery and internal dialogue, but also in the actual well-organized fishing process near Almaty? In this article, we reveal to you all the secrets of successful fishing in Semirechye.

People come to Zhetysu to fish even from abroad – it is so beautiful and, as they say, bread-rich. In the region, there are almost all varieties of freshwater fish, so a gambling person here has a place to roam. Balkhash, Ili, Karatal, Sarkand, Talgar and Koksu districts are the places where you need to go for a significant catch.

The Karatal River originates at the slopes of Alatau and flows into Balkhash. More than ten types of fish are caught here: pike, chebak, carp, catfish, perch, bream, chub and others. The fish perfectly goes to the spinner, as well as to the float, donka or ordinary fishing rod.


The source of the Koksu River is located on the western slope of the Alatau, it is formed by the confluence of the Karabulak and Kazak rivers. Perch, bream, crucian carp, carp and chub are found here in abundance.

Лещ. Фото©Shutterstock

The Lepsy River is part of the Lake Balkhash basin and rightfully occupies the third largest in all of Kazakhstan. The area of the Lepsa basin is more than 8040 square kilometers. Fishermen go here for catfish, pike, take an excellent catch of asp, carp and bream, use baubles, fly rods, donk, jerks or float rods.


In the northern part of Almaty region, the Aksu River flows more than 300 kilometers long, flowing into Lake Balkhash. The Aksu basin is also quite large – 5,040 square kilometers, fed by the meltwater of the Alatau glaciers. Here you can find trout, bream, carp and carp. Bring fly fishing rods here, do not forget the methods of fishing on masts and baubles, as well as float ordinary gear – and fishing luck will be with you.

The Ili River originates on the Tien Shan in China and flows for almost one and a half thousand kilometers to flow into Lake Balkhash and make its western part almost completely fresh. This is the largest and longest (and also the most beautiful and generous) river in all of Zhetysu. Fishermen come here for a solid catch of walleye, catfish, cupid, carp, carp, asp. You need to catch them on the donka, Bolognese or baubles.


Kargalinka is a river about 60 kilometers long, flowing through the Karasaevsky district and flowing into the Kaskelen River. Look for carp and bream in the river, and in Kaskelen catfish, walleye, carp and perch are perfectly caught. Asp, dace and goby go in both rivers on a fishing rod, float or donka.

Сазан. Фото©Shutterstock

The Kapchagai reservoir has a length of 80 kilometers, and a depth of up to 45 meters in some places. Almaty residents used to consider the Kapshagai sea, but the fish at the confluence Or is found, of course, freshwater: walleye, catfish, carp, carp and white amur. Kapshagai is famous among beginners and experienced fishermen for its fishing bases, sanatoriums and generally places equipped for recreation.


Trips to the Talgar trout farm are very popular among Almaty residents and guests of the city – here, not far from Almaty and a five-minute drive from Talgar, you can easily catch rainbow trout specially grown in the nursery. This is not only a great entertainment, but also a healthy lunch: the freshest fish that you caught, you will immediately be prepared in a local restaurant.

Many of the whole family go to the “Eastern Fairy Tale”, which is located in the village of Maly Dolan, Karasai district. Here you can combine fishing and swimming in the pool, socializing and playing with children, as well as sitting on the trestles by the river or picnic area, eating trout you caught, tasting shish kebab or other dishes. While the fishermen are busy with their favorite hobby, the rest have fun in the pool, on trampolines or on the recreation area. In general, the “Eastern fairy Tale” is able to reconcile avid anglers with other family members who are against long trips for the catch.

Форель. Фото©Shutterstock

Another fish farm, Tumis, located in the village of Kairat, Enbekshikazakh district, delivers environmentally friendly and fresh rainbow trout throughout the Almaty region. This is a great choice for those who prefer to see only absolutely fresh fish on their table. Trout are grown here in conditions as close to natural as possible, and the buyer can choose at will fish of any age-from fry to adults.

In general, fishing in the Almaty region is a real paradise for both experienced fishermen and amateurs. Natural reservoirs with crystal clear water will provide you with the most exciting hobby at any time of the year.

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