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Сайт находится на модернизации
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Excursion “The Castle of The Nomads” (Group)

Cost without Nur-Sultan PASS:
7000 тг. 10000 тг.
7000 тг. 10000 тг.
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Excursion “The Castle of The Nomads” (Group)

Just 90 km from the city of Almaty on the left bank of the Ili River, a unique structure has been preserved. Although it is difficult to call it a structure, rather a museum-monument of “cinema”. In 2004, a fake fortress was built for the film “Nomad”. This is a whole medieval Asian city with its own houses and all the little things of the Middle Ages. Once inside, just outside the city gates, you feel like you are in another era, as if you are in another time of the distant past. The fortress itself and the place for filming was chosen to shake with its beauty, having visited this fortress, will leave a lot of delight and impressions in your memory. Also, after visiting the fortress, you can enjoy the beauty of Mother nature, climb on the rocks and visit the banks of the largest river in Semirechye.
The price includes:transport service, excursion program, ecological post

Do not forget to bring: an ID card for each person, warm clothes (sweater, pants, socks), jackets and comfortable shoes, spare shoes and a raincoat, lunch .

Warning: the Account for 5 days.

The cost of the tour: 7000 tenge per person.

The program of the tour:
08: 30 Gathering of the group on Baitursynov above Abay near the Baikonur metro station
09: 00 Departure. During the journey, the story of travel information
11: 00 Arrival. The tour of the castle of Nomads
13: 00 Free time, picnic, walk around the area
16: 30 Departure to Almaty

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Excursion “The Castle of The Nomads” (Group)
Excursion “The Castle of The Nomads” (Group)
Excursion “The Castle of The Nomads” (Group)
Excursion “The Castle of The Nomads” (Group)
  • Каждые выходные
    08:00-18:00 (По набору)
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