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Astana amazes the imagination of tourists and visitors of the city with an abundance of modern futuristic buildings and structures. One of such buildings is the Palace of Independence, which, despite its name, does not at all resemble either a palace, a castle or an ordinary building in the classical style. The construction in the form of a trapezium made of glass, decorated over a zigzag-like snow-white grating, in the opinion of the architects who are developing the project, perfectly symbolizes both Kazakhstan’s independence and the dynamism of the development of this state and its young capital.
The construction of the Palace of Independence began in 2007 and ended only by the end of 2008. In general terms, for which this unique structure was built, is quite small, because the area of the building is neither more nor less than 18 thousand square meters. The Turkish architect became the author of the project, and most of the builders who were involved in erecting the palace were also from Turkey. The Palace of Independence was conceived as a place for meetings, forums, conferences, meetings, etc. – both domestic and international level.
The building consists of three floors. The first floor is occupied by the Congress Hall, which can accommodate more than 3000 people, as well as a hall for ceremonies. It accommodates about 260 people, but it is that important that here there are held events in the life of the country, such as the inauguration of the president. There is also a press center and a banquet hall, which can accommodate about 700 people for a solemn feast.
The second floor of the Palace of Independence is dedicated to art. There are galleries and exhibition halls in which there are both permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions. In the hall of archeology there are truly unique exhibits, which will be interesting to see for everyone. This is the Sarmatian warrior, and even the so-called golden man – the remains of the Sak warrior about the 5th century BC in clothes of pure gold.
It is worth to look at the third floor of the Palace of Independence of Astana – here is the Museum of the History of the capital of Kazakhstan.
In addition, the palace has a gallery of modern art, an electronic library, a 4D-cinema and another cinema showing a 360-degree image. Here you can get acquainted with the history of Astana and Kazakhstan, see with your own eyes the most interesting archaeological finds, as well as more modern documents related to the formation of the republic and the construction of its capital.

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