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Tickets to The Oceanarium «Ailand»

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The oceanarium of the city of Astana is the entertainment center “Ailand” (formerly “Duman”) – a piece of boundless ocean in the heart of the arid steppe zone. The oceanarium still remains the first and only of its kind in Kazakhstan and is rightfully considered the most remote from the ocean in the whole world. The distance from the nearest ocean is more than 3000 km. Due to this feature, the aquarium is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
The amazing Kazakhstani aquarium in Astana opened in the distant 2003 and immediately won the hearts of visitors with its scale and spectacular spectacle. Huge tanks contain 3 million liters of water and 120 tons of sea salt and create natural conditions for comfortable living of marine inhabitants.
Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the oceanarium. Every day visitors come to the aquarium to enjoy the most beautiful, fascinating, calm and peaceful underwater world, to get acquainted with its inhabitants, to learn a lot of interesting information about the depths of the world ocean. You can buy tickets on our website.
The inhabitants of the depths of the oceanarium have become more than two thousand amazing marine animals, including representatives of several hundred species. Here you can get acquainted with such bright representatives of oceanic fauna, as a cat shark, sea stars, sea horses and many others. The oceanarium in the Duman Center consists of one central reservoir and two exhibition areas.
At the bottom of the most spectacular there is the central reservoir, there lies an acrylic tunnel, with a length of 70 meters. Passing through the tunnel, the visitors of the oceanarium have a feeling that they are on the seabed, and over their heads, at a distance of an outstretched hand, swim sharks, sea turtles and other marine life of unprecedented beauty.
The oceanarium in Duman (Astana) has two exhibition compartments, including eleven tanks of various volumes. Due to the different forms of aquariums, it is possible to observe the life of fish in an approximate way to the natural habitat and follow the process of feeding predatory fish. Here, visitors to the aquarium can get to know the representatives of the ichthofauna and learn much new and informative information about the life of the inhabitants of the depths of the ocean from different points of the world. The inhabitants of the fresh waters of the south-eastern region, the inhabitants of coral reefs, exotic inhabitants of South America – piranhas, crabs, pakas, seahorses, sea anemones, sea stars, fish-cow settled in the aquarium.
Perhaps there will not be a single guest who would not receive a sea of positive emotions after he made an amazing trip to the aquarium “Ailand”, located in the “Duman” center.
The price of a ticket to the oceanarium (Astana) with a smart card will be even more profitable. With the smart card AstanaCityPASS you pass right to the turnstile of the oceanarium.

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