Колесо обозрения «Ailand»

15 May 2017


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Tickets to The Ferris Wheel «Ailand»

Price without discount Adult:

The Ferris wheel in Astana “Ailand” with a height of 65 meters and weighing 270 tons, is the largest wheel of the review of Kazakhstan. This is a completely new project, specially designed taking into account the climatic features of Astana. Similar technologies are used to build attractions in tornado zones.
The Ferris wheel is equipped with 36 closed cabins with a panoramic view of the city. In each cabin there are air conditioning and heating systems that will allow you to enjoy the city’s views in any weather. The capacity of the standard booth is 6 people, and there are also four luxury cabins. The Ailand Ferris Wheel is open 24 hours a day, which means you can enjoy a great view of both day and night.
Even before its official opening, the Ailand Ferris wheel became the hero of the famous telecast about the travels “Eagle and Reshka. Reboot “. Leading program Anastasia Ivleyeva, was lucky to one of the first ride on the Ferris wheel and look down on the young, modern, beautiful and majestic capital.
After its discovery, the Ferris wheel became a new attraction of Astana and won the hearts of residents and visitors of the city. Rolling on the Ferris wheel, you can enjoy excellent views of the capital from a bird’s eye view.
From the highest point of the Ferris wheel you can see a beautiful view of the right and left bank of the city. Before you open the most beautiful architectural structures, amazing with their beauty and bold decisions. Such a trip will undoubtedly give you many bright impressions, and Astana will open for you in a new light and will fall in love with itself again and again. In winter, the Ferris wheel will operate at a temperature of -15 degrees, with winds with gusts up to 20 meters per second.
Two stairs lead to the observation wheel. Prices for tickets to the Ferris wheel have become even more profitable. With the Astana CityPASS map, you go to the ladder on the left, which is designed to exit.



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Сайт: www.ailand.kz

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